Drone Video of Rainy Season

Storm, Clouds & Lightening during Rainy Season in Cambodia

April 17th, 2021, the rainy season has started in Cambodia. Evening and night storms are very frequent. It’s hard to resist taking the drone out and trying to record the lightening crossing the sky of Kampot City between the Praek Tuek Chhu River and the Bokor Mountain National Park.

To take these pictures, I took a video of 6-7 minutes with a drone DJI Mavic Mini 2. After transferring this video to the computer and loading it in Final Cut Pro X, frame by frame, it’s possible to isolate the best images captured from the video. It would be harder to try to take pictures of the lightening directly, given that they last less than one second.

A few nights before, I managed to record stunning footage of a big storm over the ocean that is located 20 kilometers away from where I filmed. See for yourself below:

More info : www.whynotcreation.com

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