Drone Video of Cambodia

Cambodian Countryside from the Sky

April 26th, 2021, day off, we take the motorbike to explore a part of the Kampot region that we have never been to. Heading north along a dirt road, we find a little hill where we chill for the day in the shade of a tree. The view is insane. Surrounded by mango fields, rice fields, roads, houses, hills and a river, we dominate all the valley from our vantage point, seeing it spread in front of us until the Bokor Mountain.

In the pictures, taken with a drone DJI Mavic Mini 2, we can see the shadow of the clouds flowing down the valley, the smoke of the fires, the monoculture of thousands of mango trees, a few villages and us.

During this peaceful day, I took also two time-lapse videos of the valley to admire the movement of the smoke, the wind, the clouds in the sky and the shadows of the clouds dancing across the valley floor. I made a compilation of these time-lapse and drone videos taken nearby the Red Road Foundation. See for yourself below:

More info : www.whynotcreation.com

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