DJ mix in an Asian Jungle

July, 1st 2020, we rent a car to travel all around Cambodia, every region, every road, every lake, waterfall, citiy, jungle, temple and rock. Everything. It was a bless.

In Mondulkiri region, we saw the stunning Bousra Waterfall that completely blew our mind. A massive double waterfall in the middle of the jungle, only few people and us swimming all day and enjoying the power of the water falling on our dusty bodies.

A week later, we get to Ratanankiri region, and heard about the Seven Steps Waterfall. We decide to go there and to make a video of one of us that is DJ. Mixing in the waterfall, DJ S.J.M. did an unexpected trippy ro-minimal mix fitting so well with this incredible place dominated by water and jungle,

This day was a bless, hanging around all day with a group of 5 friends, swimming, listening to music and contemplating the beauty of nature. Alone in the waterfall surrounded by jungle noises and water falling, we felt very privileged.

We filmed the DJ and the scenery with a GoPro Hero 7 and a Huawei P30 phone. By chance, a drone cameraman randomly turned up during the day. We saw him filming the waterfalls. When he was about to leave the spot, one of us ran after him and asked him his contact to get the footage for the project. Few weeks later, we messaged him to get the videos and found out that he was living in the same city as us, in Kampot, while we had met 600 km away from there.

Once all the footage was collected, we could start the final editing on Final Cut Pro X, that took around 3 weeks. In November 2020, a friend recommend this video to a professional French Facebook live streamer: MawiFamily. The video was streamed and got around 8000 views.

This was the first live DJ mixing project that Why Not Creation did. Two others live stream projects came out in October and November 2020:

More info :

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