Live Stream

Video Produce by Why Not Creation from organizing the filming to editing the final video

What is it ?

A live stream is “a live transmission of an event over the internet”

At Why Not Creation we can organise the filming and broadcasting of your conference, event, wedding, interview online (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

What for ?

With this service, your event is going to be live streamed in HD on social media and on the web at the same time as it is happening. Your online community will be able to interact during the event, ask questions, like and participate. It is the best way to show the world what you are doing and sharing a moment with a wider range of people.

After your video has been streamed, you will be able to share it and watch it again online, you can also keep it as a file in your computer, or it can be uploaded on YouTube in order for you to get a shareable link.

How does it work?

  1. We come on the day of your event or conference
  2. We set up the live stream (cameras, streaming connexion, etc.)
  3. We broadcast your event live on social media or on TV
  4. We provide you a recorded version of your event

Extra services

We can create a teaser video of your live stream that can be used as a quick overview of your event, or as a short promotion for your company, or for your project. For that see our service : Video Editing

Check our recent Live Streams

Full DJ Live Stream
Live Stream Teaser
Full DJ Live Stream

“When it comes to live streaming my music mixes I always do it with Why Not Creation. They are professional and the results are higher than my expectation! I manage to get 8k to 15k views thanks to those live streams”


Any questions ? Specific needs ?

Explain us your idea, your project and let’s make it happen !

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